Hari Hari Odhani Lyrics-Masterpiece By Pawan Singh

Hari Hari Odhani Lyrics

😍”Hari Hari Odhani” is a captivating Bhojpuri song that weaves melodic rhythms with vibrant lyrics, celebrating the essence of traditional culture and love in every beat. Its infectious energy and catchy tunes make it an irresistible musical gem. Song :- Hari Hari Odhani Song By  :- Pawan Singh   Instagram Youtube Lyrics :- Aashutosh Tiwari  Music:- Priyanshu … Read more

Ugi Suruj Dev Lyrics-Fantastic Song By Pawan Singh

Ugi Suruj Dev Lyrics

😃”Ugi Suruj Dev” is a heartfelt Chhath Geet that beautifully combines Pawan Singh and Khushboo Jain’s melodious voices with Arun Bihari’s touching lyrics, creating a soulful tribute to the Chhath festival. Song :- Ugi Suruj Dev Song By  :- Pawan Singh  Instagram Youtube Lyrics :-  Arun Bihari Music:- Arun Bihari Starring :- Pawan Singh Follow Pawan … Read more

Lal Ghaghra Lyrics-Beautiful Song By Pawan Singh

Lal Ghaghra Lyrics

🖤Pawan Singh’s “Lal Ghaghra” is a dynamic Bhojpuri hit, combining spirited rhythms with his charismatic vocals, inviting all to dance and celebrate Bhojpuri culture. With its catchy beats and lively performance, it’s a favorite among Bhojpuri music enthusiasts. Song :- Lal Ghaghra Song By  :-Pawan Singh Instagram Youtube Lyrics :- Vijay Chauhan Music:- Shubham Raj Starring :- … Read more